Audio for Toys, Games, and Embedded Systems

Audio for embedded systems such as toys and games requires special care, especially in the mastering stage.  Due to the frequent use of low sample rates and the lack of advanced compression schemes like MP3, getting professional sound is particularly challenging.  And we’re proud to say that not only have we got years of experience in doing audio for these kinds of systems, but our clients have even won awards for products we’ve provided the sound for.

One such product is Cookie Croc by Thinkativity Toys.  We were given the challenge to produce several short childrens’ songs which needed an overall product consistency and as high quality as we could achieve at an 8kHz PCM sampling rate … and MP3 or similar compression was not an option.

The toy itself was an excellent design, and we were able to provide a great soundtrack for it.  And as a result, Cookie Croc received awards for Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, as well as the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the audio soundtrack from Cookie Croc:

Thinkativity Cookie Croc Excerpts