GreenScreen Voiceover Production

As an e-Learning professional, you know how important it is to create the most engaging courses possible.  And let’s face it, the straight “page turner with voiceover” style of courseware, while still effective, just isn’t as engaging as it used to be.

A great solution to this problem is the addition of green screen voiceover, especially at the beginning and end of your courses, and with a few spots dropped in throughout.  The addition of a friendly face onscreen not only provides a visual association to the voice, but also allows body language cues and even special gestures to help get your point across.  Then you can also blend this approach with traditional (off-camera audio-only) voiceover, and you’ve got a cost effective approach which leverages the power of on-camera visual acting with the low cost of traditional VO.

Here’s an example of one of our on-screen voice talent, Sarah, on a video that was shot in Green Screen right here in our studio. AfterEffects processing was then added to provide the full impact of the production, and bring the video to life!  Notice how Sarah uses deliberate hand gestures that have then been enhanced using AfterEffects processing to really illustrate the point she is making.


And here’s what it looked like before we added AfterEffects. Notice the direction that Sarah has been given regarding her gestures and how flawlessly she performs them. And also notice that the audio is quite good even in this version: