Telephony IVR and Voice Mail Prompt Recording & Mastering

If you work with IVR systems, you know the frustration.  Prompts that don’t match in volume or audio characteristics.  Problems with incompatibilities with the different telephony formats.  Sometimes even prompts that don’t have the same voice talent as surrounding ones in a system.  And the bigger the system, the greater the inconsistencies.

Fear no more.  We’ve been working with IVR systems since 1995, including work on some of the largest IVR systems in the world, from providers and manufacturers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Embarq, Unisys, Dialogic, and many others.  Many of these systems have literally hundreds or even thousands of voice prompts, with years of revisions.

And we get them to sound like they were all recorded on the same day, using the same talent and studio settings.  Our goal is always to make sure your end users can never tell the difference in quality from one prompt to the next — they should all sound excellent and perfectly consistent.