Professional Podcast Production & Hosting

The iPod is a wonderful thing.  Incredibly portable and available at a moment’s notice, it’s a great way to get your organization’s message across to your staff or customers during the idle minutes that arrive unexpectedly during their busy day.

But to do that effectively, you need more than just the text of your message — you need a production that is not only professional, but is oriented toward this unique medium.

For short messages, that may mean only a single podcast track, with a simple introduction and outro in addition to your text.  For more extensive information, multiple tracks may be needed with special audio cues inserted, so your listener can easily know where to pick up if they get lost, or backtrack to review information.  And of course, if it’s a public podcast, we’ll make sure it’s properly hosted and listed with iTunes, so your audience can subscribe.

If you’re interested in our assistance in producing a podcast, please fill out the information on our Get a Quote page.