Voiceover for e-Learning Courses & Systems

Since the early days of the CD-ROM era, e-Learning has been a mainstay of our voiceover production work.  It requires a certain pacing — not too slow nor too quick — and an attention to detail with regard to inflection, pronunciation, and production.  In particular, we’re really sensitive to the needs of your end trainees, as they go through the training with the intention of learning your content.

Why?  Because we’ve been there too.  We’ve had industry experience, so just like your trainees, we’ve had to sit through training just like the kind you’re producing.  So we know that any problems in the audio are a distraction which prevents your trainee from learning 100% of your material.

If you are interested in getting a quote for e-Learning audio production, please visit our voice demos page to select your voice talent, and then click the Get a Quote button in the upper left of this page.  Also, please visit our Clients page for a list of clients we’ve done similar work for.

Then simply send us a script, and we’ll send you your completed files back, guaranteed!