Other Services

High Definition Video Shooting & Editing
A great video program is the marriage of an excellent audio program with compelling visuals, whether they be from on-location shots, still images, or even illustrated graphics. And as you may know, the cost of video production has come down tremendously in the past year or so. So whether you need High Definition (HD) or good ‘ol standard definition DVD, please keep us in mind for your next project.

Scriptwriting & Instructional Design Assistance
This one’s simple – we’ve seen so many scripts by now that it’s rubbed off on us. So should you need excellent scriptwriting assistance or instructional design experience, we’re happy to help at competitive hourly rates.

Music Composition & Sound Effects Design
We’ve been doing music production for as long as we’ve been in business, including work for clients such as the ABC Radio Network, the Sony/Warner (SW) Radio Network, and numerous other clients.